Current Transformers

Intellimeter offers a wide variety of Current Transformers, including Split-Core and Solid-Core for most common applications.

The current transformers supply the current protection relays of amplitude proportional to those of the maize circuit of sufficiently reduced amplitude.

The measuring devices cannot be directly connected to the high-magnitude supplies. Hence current transformers are used to supply those devices with currents of magnitude proportional to those of power.

  • High currents can be measured safely
  • Measuring current in residential and commercial revenue metering applications
  • The current transformers have high accuracy for measuring the consumption
1 / 5
i-meter Solid Core Current Transformer
2 / 5
i-meter Current Transformer 100mA
3 / 5
i-meter Solid Core Current Transformer 200mA
4 / 5
i-meter Split Core Current Transformer 400A
5/ 5
i-meter Solid Core Current Transformer 600A

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