EVCMC-1B-60A, is an energy management system designed to allow the connection of an EV charger to the main feeder of a panel without affecting the capacity limit of the main feeder.

EVCMC will only allow power to be delivered to the EV charger if the total demand of the panel is below its full capacity. The new EVCMC-1B-60A has the ability to receive and transmit load shedding instructions from an external energy management system via a dry contact input and output.


  • Ideal when no more breaker slots are available in a panel
  • Does not affect the limit set by the load calculation of a panel
  • It is installed downstream from the Utility Meter, accounting for the EV Charger consumption in the bill
  • Can be ceiling or wall mounted

How it works:

  • EVCMC allows the connection of any EV charger to a fully loaded panel by managing the energy available at any given time, whether in a home or in single unit of a commercial or industrial condo.
  • EVCMC takes a real-time reading of the total power consumption of a home, single dwelling or single condo unit that is individually metered
  • It detects when the total power consumption of the main circuit breaker exceeds 80% and temporarily de-energizes the charger
  • When EVCMC detects that the total power consumption of the electrical panel is less than 80% for more than 15 minutes it automatically re-energizes the charger

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