Multi-Customer or Multi-Load Metering Made Easy!


The i-meter® 636 is a Multi-Customer Metering System. Capable of metering up to 16 single elements the compact design is great for applications where Tenant or Energy Cost allocation is important. The i-meter® 636 provides critical KwH as well as the ability to monitor Volts, Amps, KiloWatts, Power Factor, and Frequency (V, I, kW, kVA, PF, Hz).

  • Innovative Metering Solution
  • Approved by Measurement Canada and meets ANSI revenue standards
  • Multi-Customer Metering System can be integrated or embedded into any Distribution Panel
  • Optional data display can be mounted in a utility room or management office
  • Support Building Automation Systems in Modbus, BacNet, RF or TCP/IP
  • Compact design usually installs right next to the breakers can save valuable installation time.
  • The i-meter® 636 works as a 16 single-element, 8 2-elment or 5 3-element meter
  • Applications: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Cost-effective electric meter - Guide energy efficiency audits - Track your energy consumption

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Product Summary

Dimensions Inches 16.5H x 4.5W x 2D
Dimensions Centimeters 42H x 11.5W x 4.5D
Mounting Option Embedded / External
# of Meters 1 to 16
Meter Elements (CTs) 1 to 16
Voltage Auto Ranging, 90 to 347 VAC (L-N)
Service Type 1Ø2W, 1Ø3W, 2Ø3W, 3Ø4W wye, 3Ø3W Delta*
Current Transformers 100 mA output
Instrument Transformer Interface Yes
Memory 45 days (5 min intervals) kWh
Pulse Output Wh
Communications Modbus-RTU, BACnet-MSTP, RF, TCP/IP
Frequency 45 to 65 Hz
Accuracy Class 0.5
Real Time Measurements V, I, kW, kVA, PF, Hz
Operating Temperature -40°C to +53°C
Regulatory Compliance / Approvals Measurement Canada, CSAC/US , UL, CE, CTEP
Patent U.S. Patent No. 8,049,488

*Delta systems require potential transformers


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i-meter® 636 Single Enclosure

MP636EXTC c/w Potential Transformers

i-meter® 636 with External Current Transformers - Multi-Suite

Modbus Wiring Diagram

i-meter® 636 Installation Video

System Architecture