i-meter® MF Series 120/208V to 347/600V

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A proven meter to power your billing


  • Innovative multifunction metering solution
  • Monitor multiple electrical Loads from the same distribution panel
  • Earn valuable LEED points
  • Track your energy consumption
  • Displays shows energy consumption; kilo-watt hours, volts, amps per phase, power factor and frequency
  • Flexible format to show rates, prices, date and time
  • Communicate with other equipment using radio signals, MODBUS or Bacnet communications protocols
  • Periodic collection and storage up to 45 days at 5-minute intervals
  • Applications: Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Description i-meter® MF 3 i-meter® MF 6
Dimensions Inches 11H x 7W x 3.5D
Dimensions Centimeters 275H x 185W x 89D
Mounting Options Surface Mount
# of Meters 1  2
Meter Elements (CTs) 1 to 3 1 to 7 (with Neutral)
Voltage Auto Ranging, 90 to 347 VAC (L-N)
Service type: 1Ø2W, 1Ø3W, 2Ø3W, 3Ø4W wye, 3Ø3W Delta*
Current Transformers 80/100 mA output
Instrument Transformers Interface Yes
Memory 45 days (5 min intervals) kWh
Pulse Output Wh/VAh
Communications MODBUS, RTU, Bacnet, MSTP, RF, Ethernet
Frequency 45 to 65Hz
Accuracy Class 0.5
Real Time Measurements V, I, kW, kVA, PF, Hz, THD (V/I)
Operating temperature -10°C to +53°C
Regulatory Compliance / Approvals Measurement Canada, CSA (C/US), CTEP (CA), UL (Pending)
Patent U.S. Patent No. 8,049,487
*Delta systems require potential transformers

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