LEAD Extensions

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For example, if you require a length of 7 feet for the Current Transformer you just purchased, just buy one of ICI30CTEXTN per current transformer and add it to your order. The current transformer will be shipped with 7 foot long leads (instead of the standard 6 feet).

If longer leads are needed, the first foot should be the ICI30CTEXTN, and then the number of additional feet of ICI30CTEXTN-EX for the additional length.

Say you need 20 feet long leads; the CT comes with 6 feet. You will need to order the first foot with one of ICI30CTEXTN, and order 13 of ICI30CTEXTN-EX to each of your current transformers.

 The total maximum possible length is 100 feet. Includes the joining and heat shrinking of the wires.


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