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i-meter® Pulse Duplicator

The i-meter® Pulse Duplicator is an ideal addition when two systems need to share the information of a single meter. Whether adding a local counter to an existing remote automated reading system or using two separate counters the i-meter® Pulse Duplicator is a simple and easy to install device to complete the task.

The i-meter® Pulse Duplicator captures pulse outputs from electrical, gas, water, and thermal energy meters, and duplicates each of the inputs. Each duplicator allows four inputs, from a reed switch, dry contact, or open collector, and converts to eight open collector outputs. 

The assembly includes a regulated 120 V-AC power supply (12VDC).


Power input 12 VDC Screw Terminal type

4 digital inputs

Input signal: Relay or Reed switch dry contact- open collector

8 digital outputs

Output signal: open collector

Non-Voltage input rating:       

  • Short Circuit Impedance: 10 KΩ (KOhm) max
  • Open Impedance: 500KΩ (KOhm) min.
  • Short Circuit Residual Voltage 0.5V

Maximum counting frequency 10 Hz.  Minimum time-on 50 mS

Operating Temperature 10oC to +40oC

Humidity 35% to 85% Relative Humidity

Accuracy: ≤0.002%

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