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ICI - Measurement Canada Sealing

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Auto-ranging 120-600 Volts 200A 5 Jaw

Socket Meter Vision XT form 12S, 5 jaw,600V 200A , 3ph, 3 wire

ICI Clamp on Meters

  The ICI Clamp-on Meters provide an uncomplicated and user-friendly solution to flow metering. Installation is straightforward and fast, making it simple to put the meters into action. Perfect for...

Power & Electrical Supplies

Check Meter Auto-ranging 120-480V 200A 5 Jaw

GE kV 12S 5 Jaw socket-base meter 120-480V auto ranging 200A digital check-meter only

5 Jaw Socket Meter Base

A meter base for 4 jaws socket meters.

4 Jaw Socket Meter Base

A meter base for 4 jaws socket meters.


Item Customizations

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ICI-EVCMC-1-60A is an EV Energy Management System specifically designed to allow the connection of an EV charger at home to a panel that is at full capacity without costly service upgrades....


The ICI-EVCMC-1B-40A includes 2 poles 10KAIC 40 A breaker and is rated for home services rated up to 240 Volts 125 Amperes The ICI-EVCMC-1B-60A includes 2 poles 10KAIC 60 A...

Meter Base

I-meter socket meter base for 4 and 5 Jaw meters.

Pulse Duplicator

i-meter® Pulse Duplicator The i-meter® Pulse Duplicator is an ideal addition when two systems need to share the information of a single meter. Whether adding a local counter to an...

Mechanical Meters

Stainless Steel Water Meter

Stainless Steel Dry Type Water Meter with Pulse Output   Multi-jet, dry dial, vacuum-sealed register, frost-resistant, keeps clear reading for a long time. Magnetic Transmission, produced for cold (30°) and hot...

Mechanical Meters

Gas Meter - AL-800

AL-800 diaphragm gas meters with  20 PSIG (MAOP -Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure 20 Lbs/Sq-In) 1-1/4" diam NPT & 100PSIG (MAOP -Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure 100 Lbs/Sq-In) 1-1/2" Diam  NPT Lead Time: 4 weeks (Backordered) AL-800 Gas Meter...

Electrical Meters

WM-14 Panel Mount 277/480V or 347/600V Multi-function Meter

The Energy Management Power Analyzer (WM14-96) with Modbus is a 3 phase power analyzer panel mount meter. The 96 model is good for VL-N: 185V-460V  and VL-L:  320V-800V. Quick Access Product...

Electrical Meters

i-meter® MF Series 120/208V to 347/600V

A proven meter to power your billing Features Innovative multifunction metering solution Monitor multiple electrical Loads from the same distribution panel Earn valuable LEED points Track your energy consumption Displays shows...

120 Volts 100 Amps 4 Jaw

Fixed 120V, and 1 to 100 Amps. Single-phase 120 Volts live to neutral - 1 element meter. 2 wire system.

240 Volts 200 Amps 4 Jaw

Single-phase 120/240V, 200 Amps. 3 wire (split phase). Auto-ranging from 2 to 200 Amps.

120 Volts 200 Amps 5 Jaw

Socket meter Vision ST form 12S, 5 Jaw, 120V 200A, 3 wire 2 element

Auto-ranging 120-347 Volts 2-200 Amps 7 Jaw

Auto-ranging from 120 to 480 volts. Live to neutral. Ideal for 347/600 volts 3 phase 4 wire systems.  Auto-ranging from 2 to 200 Amps.

Remote Pulse Counter Display

Remote Pulse Counter Display The i-meter® Remote Pulse Counter Display is a compact totalizing counter that captures pulse outputs from electrical, gas, water, and thermal energy meters, allowing for remote...

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