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ICI-EVCMC-1-60A is an EV Energy Management System specifically designed to allow the connection of an EV charger at home to a panel that is at full capacity without costly service upgrades.

The ICI-EVCMC-1-60A-3R is our standard and can be installed indoors or outdoors. 

How it works:

ICI-EVCMC-1-60A allows the connection of any EV charger to a fully loaded panel by managing the energy available at any given time, whether in a home or in a condo.

  1. ICI-EVCMC-1-60A does a real-time reading of the total power consumption of a home or condo electrical panel;
  2. When ICI-EVCMC-1-60A detects that the total power consumption of the electrical panel is less than 80%, for more than 15 minutes, and there is capacity available to energize the EV Charger; it automatically re-energizes the charger.
  3. ICI-EVCMC-1-60A allows power to be delivered to the EV charger, typically when other house loads are not in use. 
  4. The ICI-EVCMC-1-60A-3R is rated for home services rated up to 240 Volts 125 to 200 Amperes and requires an additional breaker to be added to the existing distribution panel. 

ICI-EVCMC-1-60A will only allow power to be delivered to the EV charger if the total demand of the panel is below its full capacity.

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